We are Guusje de Bruin en Sarah Kerbosch, and after graduating from ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, we wondered what on earth we were going to do. Because yes, we wanted to design, create new worlds, but did we want to become a brand and make collections? No, probably not. This is when we started talking about what truly fascinates us about fashion, clothes, the conscious and unconscious stories that are told by what we wear, and how all of this influences feelings of femininity. 

After having brooded on this for a while, while expanding our horizons both working on various multidisciplinary projects, we decided that the time had come to make one project out of all our meanderings: Dit is geen Ondergoed Collectie / This is not an Underwear Collection.

We asked ourselves the following: how can we use our skills in fashion design in an experimental and multidisciplinary way and visualize the multi-faceted concept of femininity, in order to explore and question fashion as a discipline? The central point around all of which this evolves, is talking to others about this topic, whereby collecting various viewpoints on what shapes femininity can take. We are also conducting theoretical research into historical and contemporary visions of femininity, and discovering the influence of movement on shape.


This collection of knowledge serves as a source for us to build a world using a variety of media, such as 3D design, illustration and photography, in which we translate different possibilities of what femininity can be, mean, feel like to different people at this moment in time. We also collaborate with artists from different backgrounds such as dance and sound design, to allow for interesting crossovers and offers new visions on the subject of femininity.

All of our work is going to come together in a performance expo: a performance that takes place in a scenography consisting of visual work from our research, in which the audience is actively involved in the presentation.

This website serves as our communal base, a place for us to build and expand our world and database and receive input from all of you. Here we collect questions, answers, and allow you to browse through our textual and visual research.


Also: check out the nice people that are collaborating with us:

Merle I Mischke I Klee

Muriel Louveau

Lenn Cox


Dit project is tot stand gekomen met steun van Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie en Stroomversneller Arnhem